Our Services


Settlement Process

Once the title order is placed, a title examination is ordered as well as a location survey where required. We coordinate between the borrower/purchaser, the lender and realtor or builders involved in the transaction. We obtain mortgage payoff amounts as well as all pertinent tax, water and Homeowners Association figures. We prepare the title insurance commitment, the Deed, settlement sheet and in many cases loan documents. We conduct the closing, collect and disburse all funds to the appropriate parties, record all necessary documents including deeds, mortgages and mortgage releases in the appropriate jurisdictions. Once all documents have been recorded in the County, a final title policy is issued.

Residential Services

SWQ provides title and closing services to the real estate and mortgage lending community, and its management and operations team has over 25 years experience.  We pride ourselves on service, accuracy, efficiency and offering a competitive price.  Some of the benefits you will enjoy include:

  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Experts in Massachusetts Conveyance Law
  • Real-time order capability and real-time document viewing
  • User friendly site that saves time and improves efficiency

Buyer/Seller Representation

SWQ consults buyer, sellers, developers and builders when purchasing a home or land. Real estate deals can be complex and SWQ offers representation at all stages of the real estate process. SWQ advises clients how to negotiate price terms and draw up Purchase and Sale agreements in compliance with Massachusetts Property Law and Conveyance Standards.


  • Escrow Services
  • Tax Certificates
  • Recordation Services
  • Payoffs
  • Document Preparation
  • Title Policies
  • Closing Services
  • Curative Services


Sullivan, Williams and Quintin offers title, closing and search services specifically for commercial properties.

Land Use and Zoning

Purchasing property for development requires research and knowledge of local municipalities zoning laws and by-laws.  SWQ provides advise on the allowed uses and limitations in the specific zoning district and consults with clients on what they can do with the land.  The process to obtain variances and special permits is unique to each piece of land and has its own complexities.  Therefore, you want to rely on an experienced and trustworthy law firm that understands your needs.

Municipal Permitting

If the local businesses we represent are required to pull permits in order to operate their business effectively, we work with them to complete the pertinent documents and then file them with the appropriate board or department.  The firm has worked with various town and city officials and understands what is necessary to help make decisions in favor of our clients.


Last Will & Testament

A Will, or Last Will and Testament, basically sets out instructions by which you name the person responsible to be the executor of your estate and designate who will receive your property after your death. A Will is used by the Probate Court to in administering your estate which may include the transfer of property from you to your heirs. Without a Will, the property transfers according to Massachusetts Intestate Succession laws.

If you are interested in learning more about Wills, please call us with any questions you may have.


Massachusetts law provides for transfers where you may invest the legal title in a trustee for the use and benefit of another who is the beneficiary of the property.  This type of transfer is called a trust.

If the trust is to take effect during your life it is called a living trust.  A trust created in your will that takes effect after your death is called a testamentary trust.

Massachusetts Realty Trust

This entity is used primarily in Massachusetts where there is no state income tax on rental income from a realty trust.  However, the realty trust is considered a corporation for federal tax purposes.  The trust has transferable shares meaning ownership can be passed on to the family to decrease equity.

SWQ has helped many clients create Realty Trusts and are always here to assist you with yours. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of creating a Realty Trust, please call our office anytime.

Durable Power of Attorney

A Massachusetts durable power of attorney, like your will, makes up an indispensable part of your estate plan. This document gives one person (the agent) the power to handle certain legal and financial matters for another person (the principal).  The powers given to the agent will continue even if the principal loses mental capacity.

Health Care Proxy

When planning for your long term care, consider a health care proxy, which is an example of an “advance directive” – a document you prepare in advance to make sure your providers will know your wishes and, importantly, your values about your care. It is a legal document that names the person you have chosen to express your health care wishes. This person or “proxy” – also called your health care “agent” is recognized under Massachusetts law as the person who can speak for you regarding health care decisions. If your doctor makes a determination that you are no longer able to make or to communicate health care decisions, your health care providers will ask your health care agent to be your voice. Often, this person is a family member or close friend and ideally, it is someone who knows your personal wishes, values, and beliefs well. It is someone you can trust to make the same health care decisions you would make if you could.

Business Law

SWQ understands the importance of quality legal representation when selecting your entity, such as LLC’s, C-Corporations and S-Corporations.  SWQ can advise you on the type of entity for your business that will provide the greatest opportunity to maximize tax benefits while limiting tax liabilities. Based on the entity type, SWQ works hand in hand with you to create the Articles of Incorporation and Operating Agreements.  We also serve as the Registered Agent for many of our clients.

Residential Real Estate Closings – Bank Loans and Private transactions

Once we receive a Title Order from the Bank or Seller we conduct a 50-year title search.  We prepare all documents necessary for closing the loan including, if the seller wishes it, the Quitclaim Deed.  We also write any Title Insurance policies, make payoffs to Lenders currently holding mortgages on the properties and disburse other funds to Sellers, Refinancing Parties, Cities and Towns, etc.

Commercial Real Estate Closings

Once a request is received from your Bank, a 50-year title search is conducted by one of our in-house examiners.  We prepare all of the paperwork necessary for closing the loan.  We file all documents required by Federal, State and Local governments as well as issue the Title Insurance Policy and make payoffs and disbursements.

Certification of Title

We will perform a 50-year title search and, upon determining that the title is clear, write a letter certifying same.

Title Insurance

We are authorized to write Loan and Owner’s Title Insurance Policies for six (6) national title insurance companies.  Attorneys will be happy to explain, at closing, what these policies cover.

Purchase & Sale Agreements

An attorney will meet with the seller, discuss the particulars of the proposed sale and prepare the P&S.  For buyers, we will review the proposed P&S making any necessary changes to the document and, if desired, represent them at their closing.

Estate Planning and Probates

For probating an estate, the attorney will prepare any necessary paperwork and submit it to court in order to obtain a License to Sell and/or facilitate the final distribution of the decedent’s estate.

We can help the client to develop strategies in planning for probate avoidance and maximization of assets for individuals, families and seniors.

Wills, Health Care Proxies and Powers of Attorney

The attorney will meet with the client, discuss his needs and wishes and prepare the Will,  Heath Care Proxy that addresses the client’s needs. We can also prepare any Powers of Attorney that the client may require.

Landlord/Tenancy – Housing Court

The attorney will meet with the Landlord to discuss the situation, direct appropriate letters, make telephone calls and, if necessary, engage the County Constable to serve papers upon the Tenant.  If necessary, the attorney will appear in Housing Court on an evicting Landlord’s behalf.

Personal Injury

After an initial consultation with the client, the attorney will contact the insurance company or companies, gather necessary police reports, medical records, etc.  Our fee is contingent upon achieving a successful outcome for the client.